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Our Mission: Our goal is to inform wine connoisseurs about new products and trends in the wine world and encourage people that are new to the this topic in also getting excited about it. Therefore we are obsessed with delivering valueable content and take a look at every aspect. We talk about common things like wine tasting and which wine fits to which food, but also uncommon things like entrepreneurship in the wine industry and even how to position yourself and your brand to success.

Wine Growing

The wine business

Wheather you're producing your own wine or a retailer, you have to know exactly what your customers' wants an needs are. Specificly regular buyers and collectors of wine know very well what they are buying. They know almost as much as you about the product, so you can't necessarily convince them of buying your products by just saying how good your product spectrum is. So are the ones of your competition. So what can you do to make sure that customers are returning to your shop to buy your wine?

You can have the best wine in the world - it means nothing, if you don't know how to sell and market it. You have to make your customers remember your wine not just for the good taste but also for the name and what it stands for. A good brand name and marketing is as important as the quality of a product. The first you should do is like in every other business to find a fitting brand name and then immediately protect it by letting experts register a trademark. After some time and success others will try to copy your business plan or even your brand so you want to make sure that they can't legally. Everone in the wine business knows how important recognition is. The name of the product has to be unique as well as the taste and also the region it's coming from. If it's a well known region for wine with lots of tradition it's very certain that people will give it a try. This means for you and your brand name and trademark to make it very difficult for others to copy the name or the concept. This is one of the things to asure longterm success.

One other way to increase brand recognition is a visual one. A memorable brilliant logo can help you to establish your brand in the wine world. The combination with name and logo and of course the quality of your wine will lead to a successful product and campaign.

Wine Tasting

The process of Wine Tasting has it's beginnings in the 14th century. It is used to see how the wine is developing after months or years in the barrel. Professional wine tasters like someliers or buyers also use a specific technique of tasting to detect which ingridients the wine contains and if they fit together or not. A common between wine enthusiasts are events especially for tasting to get to know new products and get to know each other. Not rarely, retailers or producers organize these events to make people aware of their products. Free trials are served and of course something to eat that fits to the wine tasting like cheese, grapes and other apetizers.

But these events are not only for established wine enthusiasts. Especially knewcomers and people who are starting to collect wine or want to know more about wine are always very welcome guests. This helps spreading the word and make people more aware about these events and products offered at the tastings.

Tasting Wine